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Graphics card upgrade help


I recently tried to update my graphics card and was met with disastrous results. Can you tell me if my machine "should" have let me upgrade to the following card with no issues?

My Machine
Dell XPS 8700 X8700-3312BLK Desktop (Windows 7 Professional,
Memory     16GB (Upgraded to 32)  Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz - 4 DIMMs
Video Graphics     NVIDIA GeForce GTX 745 4GB DDR3

Upgraded Card to:  MSI GAMING RX 480 GDD R5 8GB

What Happened
Every time I tried to load my game (World of Warcraft) my machine would reboot. When I tried to load the MSI software it made the screen have boxes all over it then it did a reboot. Finally I got the blue screen.  Put my old card back on.  I also had to use the special connector for it which I did. It wouldn't start at all without that.



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RE: Graphics card upgrade help

I haven't seen anyone with an RX 480 in an 8700.

I would try DDU www DOT guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html

to remove all traces of previous graphics card drivers.

I don't know if BIOS matters on the AMD cards.  recent nVidia cards need BIOS A10 for Win7/8 and A11 for Win10

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RE: Graphics card upgrade help

Thanks Dan. I thought sure it would work fine. I appreciate the info and that link.  I'll try a clean install of it.

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