Green dots, crashing, and blinking lines.

Hey everyone I could use some help.

I just got my Alienware Aurora yesterday and my first startup was really messed up. I mean i had all these lines going across my screen and then it crashed. I rebooted it again and it started up but.... There were some green dots all over the screen... Since then i've downloaded a ton of different ATI Catalyst systems and none of them fixed the problem. I tried a new BIOS (the 0.9) that didn't help. I even unplugged and re-plugged in my graphics cards. I have no idea what to do. Also you know how you press the alienhead to uncover the drives? Well that cover only goes down about 1 inch and then stops when I press the button. My main concern is the crashing and dots, I would like to fix the cover tho... Thanks (It  has crashed many times since the first crash also)

My comp specs-

i7 960

2x ATI 5870


1T memory

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Re: Green dots, crashing, and blinking lines.

 RichardG Aurora

As this is a brand new system, it's better to contact Dell ASAP about the issue.

 You could also, try posting this in, is the Alienware Owners Club HERE.



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