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HELP "entering power save"


I can be working along and all of a sudden..  all stops.  Black screen with message saying entering power save.  It wont wake up nothing- have to power off and back on..  Starting to do this often.. like several times a night.  Tonight already in a few hours has happened four or five times. 


Also- have been getting some strange colors and stuff on screen..  colored rows of dots kind of..  hard to describe...

dont know if it is related or not.

I am running Windows XP on my Dell E520.


Please please.. if anybody has any ideas at all!!

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Re: HELP "entering power save"

It appears that your video card is failing. you can try running the Dell diagnostics by tapping the F12 key at the Big Dell splash screen and then enter the diagnostics

I still feel the video card though is going and you should either try it in another system or try another in yours.

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