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Hard drive replacement

I have a XPS 8500 warranty just run out hard drive is dead. I have a new one but do not have back up information from old drive to set my os back need windows 7 home premium to install back on new drive where can I get one. Thanks sscorb

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RE: Hard drive replacement

See here:

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RE: Hard drive replacement


Thank you for writing to the Dell Community Forum.

You can reinstall the Windows and drivers if you have created the back up disk using the Dell Backup and Recovery utility. However, if you have not created the back up disk, please contact the Dell Technical Support of your region to place a request for the disks. Since the system is out of the warranty period, there might me nominal changes for the disks to be shipped out. 

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RE: Hard drive replacement

You can find Dell OEM Windows 7 install discs on eBay.

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