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Hardware Failure!

My family has owned Dells for over 8 years now and we are on our 3rd Dell Computer. We never had any problems till the most recent one. I bought a Dell XPS 710 roughly 2 years and 1 month ago. I have enjoyed it for the most part except on 2 occassions now each being one year apart and the most recent being today, the motherboard has failed and must be replaced. This is a severe inconvenience for several reason. First I lose the use of my computer for several days. Second I have to stay at home on a certain day when the part arrives and the tech can come out. Third once the new motherboard is installed I have to reinstall windows because windows does not recognize the new motherboard and gets all querky. That, in addition causes a whole number of problems, which basically results in lost files and me having to reinstall all the other software on my PC which ends up taking at least a week to complete. Considering the amount of money I spent on this PC I think the problems I'm having are outrageous. I basically have a lemon. Thank god I got the extended warranty on the thing or I would have had to replace the motherboard out of pocket twice now and there is no reason for me to believe that it won't happen again in a year and this time my warranty will be up. Constant and reoccurring hardware failure of the same part seems to be a serious issue with my current Dell and as of right now I don't know why I should buy another or recommend to any of my friends or colleagues that they should buy one unless this issue is resolved immediately.

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Darrell WV
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Re: Hardware Failure!

Hello Geoff.Ruper,


Well I do understand your frustration, but as the XPS 710 is long past its end of life (no longer made or sold by Dell), there will be no further upgrades or resolutions on this unit.  Its offspring, the XPS 720 is gone now as well, and its grandbaby the XPS 730 (which I have) is at its end of life as well, replaced by the XPS 730X.  Time marches on and I can feel certain that the 730X will have a replacement by the end of the year, if not sooner, possibly by an Alienware, as Dell has shuttered the Alienware manufacturing  centers and moved all production to the Dell factories.


At least the 730 & 730X are ATX form factor which means replacement parts can be purchased retail as they wear out.  Best of luck with your 710,


Darrell WV

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