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Hardware/software ref CPU and OS

Ok, I bought a Vostro mobo G33m03 on eBay and my plan was to have it run windows 10 64 bit on a quad core q9550.    The other specs are 520 watt PSU, 8 gigs pc 5300 DDR2 120gb SSD GTX

Bios 1.0.15.

I've discovered that the Q9550 is fine with the 32 bit windows 10 but upon attempt to install the 64 bit (yes I'm attempting and clean install of the 64 bit) the computer freezes up at the windows splash screen.  I've also discovered that the core 2 duo EXxxx cpus can run in the 64 bit windows 10.  I have an E8400 in there right now running 64 Bit

Are there any quad core cpus that are compatible with windows 10 64 bit and the g33mo3?  e

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