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Help on building a Workstation from Precision R5500 motherboard


I've found out that used R5500+Xeon (plus ECC memory) Combo to be quite a low price point on ebay solution for CG tasks, and thinking to place it inside a custom made wooden case (instead of a rack and a shell), so with my little knowledge and info on the web I've found out that it needs more than just CPU+RAM+GPU+PSU and a drive to boot, and I've found out that PSU needs some especial 1.1 Kw PSU + power distribution unit (and all those parts together you can find on ebay for 200$), but that's it, I could find no more

So.. Can anybody help me with what parts exactly are required in order to boot into an OS?

Also, can someone help me with telling me if it's possible at all to not use a rack shell, and if T3500/T5500 PSU is compatible with this?

G. Janiashvili

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