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Help upgrading memory on XPS 400 over 4 GB

I have a Dell XPS 400 desktop. Despite Dell's skepticism, I was able to install Windows 7 (64 bit) on my machine.

Now, I would like to upgrade my memory to 6 GB. Has anyone done this? Or does anyone have any tips?

I have two 2GB sticks and two 1GB sticks. The documentation says there's a system limit of 4GB with only 1GB per slot. BUT I'm currently using the 2GB sticks for a total of 4 with no problem. Smiley Tongue

But when I put in the other 2 sticks, the system just keeps spazzing at the "Starting Windows" logo and restarting ... over and over.

There doesn't seem to be much driver support for Win7 for XPS 400. I'm wondering if there are drivers for other systems or special Win7 drivers for my motherboard or something that would make this work.

Thanks for any advice in advance!


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Re: Help upgrading memory on XPS 400 over 4 GB

You need Low Density Dual Channel Capable Ram.

XPS 400 Memory Specifications

Maximum Memory 4 GB with 32-bit Operating System and CPU and 8 GB with 64-bit Operating System and CPU

Memory Expansion 4 sockets( 2 banks of 2 )

Memory Comments PC2-4200/5300 DDR2 SDRAM DIMMs. Supports Dual Channel.

800/1066MHz FSB, Intel 945P Chipset.

If you are going over 4 I would highly recommend getting all ram from the same vendor.

The ram is installed in PAIRS 1 3 2 4 not 1 2 3 4.

Ram should be installed highest capacity to lowest capacity.

The ejector ears have a color variation to show you which dimm goes to which pair.

More than 3.5 gigs is not possible with 32 bit CPU.

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