Help with Video Card in Bios

I have a Dell Inspiron 560, with Windows 7 64x.  I recently bought a NVidia Geforce GT240.  I diabled the old graphics card before installing the new one and it seemed to work fine.  I even updated the drivers with the NVideo 260.99 drivers, which are the most recent of the batch.  Worked fine for about a week, until I started getting errors on the screen and shut downs.  Now the Action Center says that there is a problem with the drivers.  Even though, I disabled the onboard card, I think it is still booting from the Bios.  I have entered there and cannot find the path that leads to the video card settings.  I have openned every option and nothing shows me the card.  Can anyone help me with detailed instructions on how to find the Video Card feature so I can change the boot options to the PCI card?

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Re: Help with Video Card in Bios

Normally, the Video option is not touched in the BIOS as it will automatically default to a separate PCIeX16 sound card if installed.   Actually, looking at the BIOS (Setup) listing in the manual there is nothing in the manual about Video in the listing. 

You must have disabled it in the Windows Device Manager.

What "shutdowns" are you getting?  could it be the video card is too much for the PC's power supply?  and if that's the case you will have to upgrade the power supply. 

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Re: Help with Video Card in Bios

Shut downs start with a change in pixels on the screen and then a blue screen pops up, telling me that the computer is shutting itself down before the system completely fails.  After a reboot of the computer, the Action Center from Windows shows that I need to fix a problem with the NVidia Graphics Driver.  When the A.C. attempts to resolve the problem, it tells me that I cannot download the resolution because I am not connected to the internet.  Which is very odd, since here I am responding to your message.  I did follow one other suggestion, by de-installing the drivers and software and re-installing in safe mode, disabling the onboad graphics first before making any other changes.  Have not had a glitch since then, but not sure if that is going to completely resolve the problem.  I ran a cross reference about the PC supply and the card Nvidia GT 240 made by PNY and found no issues with the current supply. Maximum power is 300 watts which is more than enough for the card.  I also went to the NVidia site and found updated drivers for the GT240.  I did a clean sweep of the old drivers and installed the new ones uploaded from the site.  Again, not sure if this will help just yet, as the system has not been running for too long and the problem would occur every 12 hours or so.  Does not matter how long the computer is on, or in sleep mode, happens either way.  Filed the issue on the Action Center and have not seen anything pop up there either.  Checked all fans, and they are running fine.  There are 3 including one that came with the Video Card, so I could not see cooling as a problem.  Just to be sure, i checked the card after running for two hours and it has a luke warm touch.  Other than that, I do not know what else to do.  Very interesting that you can no longer enter the video setting through the bios, guess you really do learn something new everyday.

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