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How can I turn a 8700 into a Gaming Rig?

I'm going to buy the Dell 8700 (best seller) one, and I was to turn this into a gaming system:

I want to upgrade the GPU to a SuperClocked GTX GeForce 770 by EVGA, the Power supply to a 750W Corsair RM series probably, or I might go with a 750W Gold Plus by EVGA, and add one more stick of 4gb memory so I can have 16GB of ram.

Will the GPU go well with this? Or will the superclock be too high of demand on the system? I asked about the ram already with a dell agent, he told me the MB has 4 DIMMs, (3x4GB), so I'm just going to be adding one more 4gb stick, but I need to know, does the brand of the RAM matter? if it does can someone tell me where I can get another stick identical to the rest? The memory is 3x4GB clocked at 1600MHz. 

Please help me if you have this information, Thanks SO much.

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