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How does Dell continue to get away with selling faulty products and terrible customer service

I purchased a computer and a TV from Dell. Oh yes they made an offer you couldn't refuse until you found out what it ended up costing you to finance.

By the time they charge you $30 for finance charges and all the other hidden charges you will never get this thing paid off.

I got a computer that never worked. I paid on it and paid on it and talked to tech support etc and they couldn't fix it.  Finally got in touch with someone who said oh we can't help you your computer is 3 years old according to the serial #.  How can that happen. I just bought it.  The TV has never worked. They keep telling me they just sell them, they don't guarantee them.  I called the mfg and they tell me to just keep plugging it in and unplugging it, like rebooting it and then it works for awhile.  You have to call people in China who are so hard to understand.  Then you get different stories. I was on the phone last week over 3 hours with the guy trying to fix the problem and then suddenly he says I'm not allowed overtime I have to hang up now and call back tomorrow.  So all righty then. I waste 3 hours, nothings fixed and call back.  That's great service.  Inspiron has been a joke. It locks up, or the screen continually jumps around or you can click on something and it won't open.  I wish I had never purchased from dell.  I am now paying on two things that I can't even use half of the time.  It's wrong that first people can get away with things like that and second that they outsource their tech support and expect us to have to deal with all of the communication issues.  I will never again be a Dell customer and I hope you are all warned ahead of time to never purchase one of their TV's again.

And if you want even more fun try dealing with Dell Financial Services. I have been paying close to a year now and I owe $200 more then I started with on something that is just short of being junk.  To bad the people that run Dell don't have more pride in their products and services.



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Re: How does Dell continue to get away with selling faulty products and terrible customer service

Hi phyllise,

Welcome to the Dell Community.

I am really sorry for the experience you have faced with the computer almost from the time you have purchased it. As you stated that the computer was purchased only about a year ago and were told that the computer is 3 years old when you called up Dell technical support. I woud like to know if the computer was purchased directly from Dell or from a retailer.

A computer and a TV would have their independent warranties and should cover any hardware failures / replacements. Kindly add me as a friend by clicking in my name above and message me your service tag so that I can help you with the hardware

related concerns.

Once again, I apologize for the overall experience and would defnitely look at improving it.

Glad to assist you.


Amrinder D

Social Outreach Professional

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