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How does the Vostro 200 offers 4 dimms slots, but the Vostro 220 series only offers 2?

I don't think the 220 is only slim?

Is it an inferior power supply?

More consumer oriented, vs the business 200?

Also, will Vista Business allow me to 'create' and 'use' a 32bit XP partition alongside a 64 bit Business partition?

Lastly, I've got the cable that connects my old IDE HD through my 200s USB 2 port, but I need to find some power adapter to convert the sata power to the molex 4-prong IDE power?  Plus, XPpro.3 recognizes something is connected to a USB port, but I've got NO driver to tell it that it is an IDE HD, aside from its labeling it as 'Mass storage?'


Jeff Strong



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