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How to Add a 2nd Monitor to a Dell XPS 420

I have two outlets ion the back for the DVI cables and a 19 in 1 media card with Blue-Tooth, if that matters?


I have both monitors up and running but one is basically empty, I can slide icons from one to the other but the icons still open on the main monitor, even though they reside on the secondary. How do I get both to run and show individual "stuff," a technical term. In case you haven't noticed, I am a total hardware novice! I am running Vista Premier Home Edition and I have two ports in the back of the XPS for DVI cables.



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Re: How to Add a 2nd Monitor to a Dell XPS 420

Download a little program called "DisplayFusion" (there is a free version).  It will make it easy to put wallpaper (either separate or an extended picture) on the second monitor.  Sounds like you already have the computer set up okay if you can drag windows over to the second monitor.

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Re: How to Add a 2nd Monitor to a Dell XPS 420

YEs, Display Fusion will help you set up the wallpaper.

My son has the XPS 420 with 2 monitors all he does is open a window and drag it to which ever monitor he wants....he closes it and then reopens it and that's the monitor it opens up on.  That was all he did.   NO special program.  Just open it, drag it to the monitor, close it and it should default to that monitor when you open it.


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