How to clean install Windows 7 or 8 on MSATA(SSD) drive

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Many users have not been happy about the OS shipped on SATA harddrive instead of the MSATA. This happens because MSATA is used as a cache drive and increase system speed.

However, many users still want to install windows on MSATA drive only. So below is the tutorial on how you can clean both the drives and install Windows on MSATA.

ATTENTION: Performing the steps below will would delete all the data stored on the system. So please ensure you have the data backed up.

ATTENTION: We do not recommend or suggest installing Windows on MSATA drive. This tutorial is for advanced users who are willing to have windows on MSATA only.


Tap F2 at the startup to enter BIOS. Under SATA OPERATION change to AHCI from ISRT.

Boot from the Windows 7 or 8 CD/USB drive. Select Language and Click Next.

Do not select Install Now. Instead select Repair your Computer. 


Check mark the option Use Recovery Tools and Click Next.


Select Command Prompt



Once you are in the Command Prompt perform the steps below to clean both the drives.

Type DISKPART  and hit enter

Type LIST DISK  and hit enter.

Type SELECT DISK 0 and hit enter.

Type CLEAN and hit enter

Type LIST DISK and hit enter

Type SELECT DISK 1 and hit enter.

Type CLEAN and hit enter

Type EXIT and hit enter to exit from Diskpart.

Type EXIT and hit enter to exit from Command Prompt.

This would clean both the disks and would delete all the data stored on both the drives. Press Restart button on the below window.


Boot from the OS disc or USB key and then you can install windows on either SATA or MSATA drive.

I hope this tutorial helps answers the question of many users about installing Windows on the MSATA drive.

Kindly do not post on this thread for any issues kindly create a new thread or feel free to PM me for any suggestions or feedback.

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