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How to disable: "Alert! front i/o cable failure" prompt during boot?


I just installed a seperate soundcard to the PCI-E slot and switched the front panel audio cable from the motherboard to this new soundcard, so I could also use the front panel's headphone connector.

Now the front panel headphone connector and both of the USB ports work fine, but now during each boot, I get the "Alert! Front I/O cable failure" prompt and I need to press F1 -button to continue the startup process. Other options are diagnostics and BIOS settings.

I made a small test and reconnected the audio cable back the motherboard and the boot was ok(no prompt), so I'm pretty convinced that in this case the prompt is useless.

How could I disable this alert? I could not find anything useful in BIOS settings. I used the BIOS settings to disable the integrated soundcard, but it didn't silence the prompt. Obviously the main goal is to be able to open the operating system without use of a keyboard.

System: Dell Optiplex 390 SFF
OS: WIN7 64bit
BIOS: A11 (newest)
Soundcard: Asus Xonar DGX

Thank you all for any tips.

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