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Re: I Hate Vista

or ditch the raid setup and install on a single drive..

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Re: I Hate Vista

Success!!!!    I was using the wrong files on the floppy at the F6 prompt.  Here's the Install sequence that works. Restart whenever it asks you to.


1/  Floppy at F6 with R178505.exe (Mediashield Sata Drivers)

2/Dell desktop software (R176236.exe)then restart

3/Smbus Chipset Drivers (R132919.exe) then Restart

4/Next I was advised to install mediashield software (but Don't as you will have to restart with last known good configuration. (R176216.exe)

5/Audio drivers ALC888HD

6/Network adapter (r176513.exe) 

7/Video card drivers and software

8/Nvidia Performance Utility

9/Nvidia Monitor Utility


Just Like to say thank you to all who helped esp Boyd on this forum and Larry R the Dell liason on the XP forum 

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Re: I Hate Vista

That is great news. I always knew you could do it. That is why I suggested you not give up. You have learned much and that is why I play around with computers. For me, it's all about the learning experience. Your experience will also help others that find themselves in the same predicament as you.

Congratulations, and thanks to all that helped.

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