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IDT High Definition Audio Codec error statement

i re-installed windows xp on my dell dimension e310 and have been unable to get the audio to work again.  i have a periphal attached speaker (e157fp) that is connected to the speaker plug-in in the rear of the cpu.  when i go to the hardware device manager the following is displayed:  a yellow exclamation symbol next to the IDT High Definition Audio Codec speaker symbol/text box.  when i look at the properties under the codec, the error statement is:  "This device cannot start. (Code 10), Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device."  would this be the reason that i do not have sound?  how do i fix the code 10 error?

thank you.

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Re: IDT High Definition Audio Codec error statement

When you reinstall the correct and required install sequence is (1) Install Windows (2) Install chipset drivers (3) Install device drivers including sound, video, ethernet, etc.  It sounds like you skipped the chipset drivers and they are key to a successful reinstall as the chipset drivers define what is on or attached to the motherboard.

The Intel chipset drivers and the SigmaTel sound drivers can be downloaded HERE

IDT drivers (IDT is now the name of SigmaTel) are later drivers and should not be used - only use the Dell supplied SigmaTel drivers.

Download and install the Intel chipset drivers, then the Dell SigmaTel drivers.  This should fix the problem.  In a few isolated cases it has taken a complete and correct sequence install to fix the problems.

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