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INSPIRON 580s / 1T SATA With Hidden Recovery Partition "URGENT"

Hello Community,

I just bought a 580s with a 1T SATA disk and I want to replace the hard disk with a Solid State (250g)

The 1T has a 10gig hidden partition with the recovery image on it and then the maind partition with the OS on it.

I tried copying the image and it will not copy properely... what am I missing.

I would like the equivalent of the factory 1T sata but on the solid state....

Obviously It needs to be bootable and restorable.

I need this done by the weekend before I travell.... Help!!

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Re: INSPIRON 580s / 1T SATA With Hidden Recovery Partition "URGENT"

Hi RKC2005,

It's actually easier as well as better for the performance of your SSD to perform a manual reinstallation of the OS. You can download all of your drivers from Downloads on the main support site, and you can download all applications from My Dell Downloads (requires registration).

Good luck!

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