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Identifying System Components, Especially Power Supply Capacity?


I have an XPS 8300 desktop, purchased in 2011, and I'm thinking of upgrading some components, especially the video card. Unfortunately, I'm having a tough time identifying some the components - it's been 3 years, and I don't remember all the original configuration details. My Dell order information, and the original configuration tab on the support site, identifies the individual components with internal Dell part numbers which are meaningless to me.

1) Most new cards specify a 500W (min) supply. How do I determine the rating of the supply in my system?

2) Device manager, and the current configuration on the Dell support site, only identify the video card as AMD 5800 series, though I believe it was a 5870. (a) How do I confirm this, and (b) how do I check the video memory size?

3) I have 8GB of RAM. How do I get details (type, number of DIMMs, etc) without opening the case and examining the part numbers on the DIMMs themselves?

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RE: How Do I Identify my Power Supply Capacity?


Dell installed a 460w power supply in the XPS 8300.

You could also, open the case and check the label on the power supply.

Check page 67 of the XPS 8300 specifications, here:




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