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Inspirion 2330 AIO GPU Fan or Chip

I have a Dell Inspirion 2330 AIO
I am having a problem with Graphics Fan activation problems on my motherboard
It is intermittently speeding up and slowing down consistently
I also am aware that Graphics Chip is unremovable as it is part of the motherboard
I have uninstalled all drivers for the AMD Graphics card and all fan noise stops.
All drivers have since been reinstalled though update and noise is back again
Graphics Chip Fan speeds up to high RPM then slows to slow RPM
Question: Would isolating a suspect driver be the issue? Or would motherboard have to be replaced?
I have tried Diagnostics and they all come back to a passed system
Does not seem to make any performance issues but if GPU chip is Faulty not sure what to do here?
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RE: Inspirion 2330 AIO GPU Fan or Chip

Have you tried updating the BIOS on the system? Also, is the fan issue causing any problems other than sound? I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any details. It might be the mobo, however another option might be to clean out any dust and reseat the fan/heatsink.

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