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Inspiron 2305 - 32bit?

Does anyone know if the Inspiron 2305, which is now running Windows 7 Home Premium 64, will function under Windows 7 Professional 32bit version? I'm not sure if all of the drivers are available in 32bit, specifically the Audio driver from Realtek. Dell tech support has given very confusing comments and no one seems to be able to say for sure.

I need the Pro version to work under my company's network version and I'd like to use the 32bit to access some older apps (no update or comparables available) that will not addres the 64bit version

Thanks for taking the time to read this and maybe someone will provide a solution.

BTW, in playing around with this particular model, it seems to be a very good system, a little slow but overall a lot of fun.





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Re: Inspiron 2305 - 32bit?

The only Dell drivers listed are for Windows 7 64 bit.  As you need the Dell Realtek drivers it can be an issue trying to install a 32 bit version.

I have some old programs that were designed in the late Windows Me/Early Windows XP era and they run fine under the native Windows 7 64 bit.  I don't have to use any compatibility modes.  But there is the Compatibility Mode if needed. 


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