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Inspiron 3647 hangs at win Circle logo

My inspiron 3647 loads bios fine and then tries to go to windows 10. I have been running 10 for 3 months and no problems. 1. I got an error message: "Memory Management". then 2.: "Bad System Config info". Now 3.: every time I turn it on it loads bios fine and then goes to windows 10 and hangs at the "Circling dots icon". It will not go any farther.

I'm not sure how to proceed with this issue as I think it is software related and I don't always understand the new weird way to get windows to boot into multi-task mode. The old F8 or F10 way?

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RE: Inspiron 3647 hangs at win Circle logo

F8 is for windows 7 and not working on 8.1 or 10.

You will need to make a windows 10 boot USB Flash drive and F12 boot it and repair the boot volume if possible.

F12 booting may not be possible until F2 turning secure boot OFF and Legacy CSM Boot on in the bios.


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