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Inspiron 3847 (bought Sept 2014) then Feb. 2015 burning smell, died. Anyone else have this issue?

Folks, I am curious to see if anyone else is having an issue with their Inspiron 3847 with a 4th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.4 GHz)???? Bought this new Dell Sept 25th, 2014 and probably powered it up October 2014.

February 2016 (16 months later), power up the Inspiron 3847, used my computer for part of the day at home, doing day to day stuff. I use an APC battery backup and surge, while using the computer, smelled the electrical smell, computer died. I tried to isolate where the smell was coming from after opening the case and really couldn't, nor could I see anything that would indicate where the electrical issue came from. After spending almost $650 on the new computer 16 months earlier, I figured it had to be the motherboard or processor because I've done extensive troubleshooting and can't find the issue.

I work in an enterprise environment for over 20 years and have PC/desktop experience for over 20 yrs as well. I also replaced the power supply, still doesn't work. Swapped out memory, even bought a refurbed MB from Dell, no dice, so my only option left is a new processor. However I am reluctant to spend another $200 on a processor because this will bring my total to almost $1,000.00 for a $650.00 Dell computer that isn't even close a mid-end computer.

The light on the power button has always been a solid amber color, never flashing. I've tried the power button work around and have the same results. I've checked every single wire, including removing the connections for the media reader, dvd drive, etc and still the same thing.

When I called Dell support, they offered me Out Of Warranty onsite support, which would have been great, however that was $375.00 or close to that. Why bother when they would bring out a MB, processor, memory and simply swap everything out, then again I am back to a $1,000.00 low/mid end computer that shouldn't be the case. Anyone else?????? I've worked with Dell Servers, storage, networking equipment, printers, almost everything they make for years. This isn't typical, however one major competitor was the same way before, now I no longer ever buy the 'H' products, period and I certainly don't suggest any of their products to family and friends. When people know you work in Technology for 20+ years, they don't hesitate to ask you what you recommend...

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