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Inspiron 3847 replacement PSU

Is there a factory replacement for the PSU for the Inspiron 3847 that is a higher wattage than the 300W that comes installed?

I attempted to replace the PSU with a 400W unit out of another Dell and all went well until it was time to connect the harddrive cables.  The drive is mounted cross ways in the case and the replacement PSU power cables end up being to high to install the case cover.

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RE: Inspiron 3847 replacement PSU

Hi jkind501,

Thanks for posting.

Here is some information from the Dell Community you may find helpful:  http://dell.to/2zLKLEw

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RE: Inspiron 3847 replacement PSU

My Recommended unit that works in most dells both Physical Size and Output is SPECIFIC EVGA 750B1.  B2 BQ G2 IS NOT RECOMMENDED.  I have used this unit on All of my dells including 3847 and Optiplex 755 MT and Precision T3500 and XPS 8900 and it works fine.


Output     Rail: +3.3 V  Maximum Output: 25 A
                 Rail: +5 V Maximum Output: 25 A
Combined 3.3v/5v  Output: 150 W

Combined 12v Output: 61 A/732 W
Rail: +5 Vsb Maximum Output: 3 A
Combined Output: 15 W
 Rail: -12 V
Maximum Output: 0.8 A
Combined Output: 9.6 W
Total Output: 750 W at 122°F (50°C)

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