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Inspiron 454 does not power on

My Inspiron 545 will not power on, but tries to start.

When holding power button, power button flashes amber and inside fan moves slightly.  This repeats every second.

Power supply light is solid green. Motherboard light is solid yellow.

This video shows exactly what my computer is doing but is not my video:

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RE: Inspiron 454 does not power on


The YouTube video does indicate if the power button light is solid, or blinking!

A blinking amber power button light usually indicates a power supply issue.

The green light on the back of the power supply does not indicate that the power supply has not failed, it only indicates that power is reaching the PSU.

Are there any 'Beeps'?

The Inspiron 535/537/545/546 Service Manual, is here:

The Troubleshooter, is here:

Try replacing the power supply with a 'Known' working unit, to see if this makes a difference, plus a known working power supply in needed to check the motherboard.

The Inspiron 545 Mini Tower can use most generic ATX power supply units, with either a 24-pin or 20+4-pin main motherboard power connector, with or without the on/off switch.

You should be able to buy a compatible power supply from either a local or online computer store.

Note: You require a power supply with four SATA power connectors.



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