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Inspiron 530 No RAID0 option in Intel Matrix Storage Manager

I have this old, slow Dell Inspiron 530 PC that I installed a second hard drive into. The original hard drive is around 130 GB and the new one is around 160 GB. I wanted to create a RAID0 hard drive configuration to boost performance, so I enabled RAID mode in the BIOS. (I am aware that I will lose some of the hard drive space on the larger hard drive) I then restarted to enter the Intel Matrix Storage Manager and create a RAID volume. In the screen to create the volume, I leave the default name for the volume, and then navigate to the area where you select the type of RAID configuration. Selected by default is RAID1. The controls at the bottom of the screen and the internet state that you use the up/down arrow keys to change the type of RAID volume, but the type will not change to RAID0, or any other type for that matter. Can you let me know why it will not change? Thank you.

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