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Inspiron 530 cpu question

I have an Inspiron 530 with the G33M02  REV A01 motherboard in it.

From what i have read this motherboard will support "up to" core 2 duo processors.

Does this mean the motherboard supports any and all core 2 duo processors?

I am specifically looking at upgrading to either a E8500 or E8400 or E7600 or E7500.

Will this system support any of these??????

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Inspiron 530 cpu question

The G33M02 motherborad supports only core 2 duo up to the E8500.  Just be sure you have the latest BIOS update before you upgrade.

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Re: Inspiron 530 cpu question

Thanks for the reply.

To add to the confusion and throw some gas on the fire..

A strange thing happened today.. A dell techless support rep called me saying he had checked into my question.

He said he was looking at the specs dell had listed on my system and it would support a couple quad core processors if i upgrade

the power supply to 350watt.  He said my motherboard will support a Q6600 processor with current bios and 350watt powersupply.

He warned that installing the Q6600 cpu without upgrading the power supply first will blow the motherboard and void the dell warranty.

For the record.....

I have talked to so many people from dell techless support that had no clue, I am not going to try to put a quad core cpu on the motherboard.

I have spoke with atleast 6 different people from dell reguarding what cpu this board will support and never got the same answer twice.


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