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Inspiron 530 issues

I just got my Inspiron 530 last week. I own a dimesion 2400, so this is a natural upgrade for me.
It is no surprise that the machine is much faster (I chose more expensive 2.33 due 4M cache), but besides that I am very disappointed with the machine. I am posting a few issues with the hope that Dell can fix them in the future.
1. The machine is pretty noisy comparing to Dimension 2400. The CPU fan is very different from other Dell machines I've used, it is the most noisy Dell PC I have used. The CPU fan doesn't stop itself even I am not using a lot of CPU.
2. The BIOS doesn't provide any advanced features. There is no motherboard utility to check motherboard temperature, change bios setting, no memory remapping feature.
3. Dell says it support 4g memory, but there is no way to use it. I plugged in 4g memory, only 3g memory is accessible to OS on both XP and 64 bit Linux. To use 4g memory, we can use PAE option on XP or 64 bit Linux, OSes requires "memory remapping" feature in bios, but that is not supported by bios. So what Dell says is misleading.
I hope we can make enough noise so Dell can fix these problems.

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Re: Inspiron 530 issues

You did not read the nice print that is an advisory from Dell about memory not being fully addressed using the 32 bit OS but it will be fully addressed if you purchase the 64 bit version later on.

Dells advisory about 4 gigs. Look down on this sales site rig and look for the advisory.

 " Systems configured with 4GB memory or more: The total amount of available memory will be less than 4GB. The amount less depends on the actual system configuration ".

Advance features are for the better gaming systems, not your mid level ystem.  Do the homework first before you fork over the money.


Links takes you to a site that has a good run down on addressing memory  eVGA board with some information regarding the 64 bit OS and games, systems stability, etc

If you want the 64 bit version, than you can at anytime, purchase the OEM Vista 64 bit version from most retail computer stores or online, which does not cost the as much as the Retail version, but it’s only good of one system, and no tech support either.

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Banchetto 101 Case-Less System 


eVGA 780i Mobo

eVGA 295 GTX Video

8 Gb Corsair Memory

Thermaltake TRUE Black CPU Cooler

VelociRaptor 10,000 rpm HD

Windows 7 RC 7100

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Re: Inspiron 530 issues

Thank you very much for the information. They are very informative. I should have done more research before the purchase, but with so many configurations it was difficult to pay attention to all the details. Other 530 owners may see more memory, because I put too many addon cards like graphics, sound cards, 1394 card, they must use a big piece of memory. Since 3g is enough for now, I am ok with it (but feel bad that 1g memory is not used). I will think about switch to 64 bit XP when that is not enough (this is just unbelievable ).
It is really against common sense (especially for those have some computer knowledge) that only 32 bit address is used on 64 bit CPU, I think it is big waste of the CPU. Hope one day 64 bit XP is more stable and has better hardware support. I still have doubt that 64 bit XP will be able to address 4g memory on 530, because the 64 bit Linux I installed only shows 3g memory. Since Linux is not supported by Dell on this model, I will leave that as a puzzle to myself.
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Re: Inspiron 530 issues

I too recently purchased an Inspiron 530 (E6550, 2GB Mem, 320GB HD) and am somewhat disappointed.

Regarding the fan noise, I have the same problem. I opened a case with Dell Support, and they were going to send me a new CPU Fan. Unfortunately they mistakenly sent a Case Fan. My Case Fan is relatively silent. But the CPU Fan is significantly louder. One thing I noticed about the CPU Fan is that the direction of AirFlow is down into the CPU HeatSink. This seems counter intuitive to me, but makes me wonder if this make it louder than it would be if the air flow was up and away from the CPU HeatSink.

Another interesting thing that I had noticed is that there is a harmonic resonance that results in a high frequency ringing sound. While this is not terribly loud, it is at a frequency that to me is so annoying, that I have been avoiding using this PC. I was trying to figure out where this was coming from, so I removed the Hard Drive from the case, and the ringing sound went away. I then reinstalled the Hard Drive in the HD1 slot on the case (instead of the HD0 slot), and the noise is now at a lower frequency which is much more tolerable. I suspect that the brace that goes from the top to the bottom of the case is more flexible in the middle where the HD0 slot is, than it is near the bottom where the HD1 slot is. Also a minor complaint is that Dell Manufacturing cross-threaded 2 of the Hard Drive screws. This was obvious because I could see, before I even removed the Hard Drive, that the base of the screws were not seated flush. They must use power tools, I can't imagine them doing this by hand.

This makes me wonder about the reviews and forum posts I have read about the Inspiron 530 being "very quiet" and "silent".

I am also disappointed with the lack of a "Quick" or "Fast" boot option in the BIOS. My PC takes 11 seconds to POST from Power On to the start of the OS Load. I am hoping this will be improved in a new BIOS version. My Dimension 4700 has a "Fast Boot" option which takes a couple seconds off of the POST time. I am going to open a support case asking for this to be improved. I think if enough people open cases to complain, it might make it to engineering.
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Re: Inspiron 530 issues

I will agree with you mine is doing the same thing boot takes 2 minutes for me poor design I would say.  Same issue with sound from fand its so bad I can hear it thru my phone and a hum that comes thru the sound card thru the speakers with a hum noise



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