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Inspiron 530 windows upgrade

I'm running Windows Vista Business sp2 on an Old Inspiron 530 desktop. I'd like to upgrade the op sys to Windows 7 if possible. I love this computer. It is so smooth and resilient. It has an Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2220 @ 2.40Ghz 2.40 GHz, 4 GB Ram, 32 bit. I was told that I could if I updated the BIOS. Most web browsers won't support updates to vista anymore. any suggestions welcome. Thank you in advance.

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Mary G
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RE: Inspiron 530 windows upgrade

It is not the browsers that don't support updates. It is Microsoft that stopped releasing any updates. Bios updates are issued by the computer manufacturer, not MS. Dell has the last bios that was issued for your model and there will not be anymore. You most likely already have the last bios issued that was for Vista. Your model never had a bios for Windows 7 so you cannot update.  It is really time to buy a new or newer computer.

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RE: Inspiron 530 windows upgrade

Windows 7 will run just fine on that hardware - it's essentially Vista R2, with identical hardware requirements.  That said, even Windows 7 support is running short - IE11 will run but newer MS browsers will not (it still has full Chrome and Firefox support for now as well).  

You can still find Windows 7 for sale - that said, it's going to run you $100 or more -- if the system is due for replacement in the near future, it may be better to wait for that hardware replacement, since Windows 7 is essentially dead as future-useable on new systems starting with the current Intel seventh generation and AMD Ryzen CPU platforms.

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RE: Inspiron 530 windows upgrade

Windows 7 Professional Upgrade. $53, with free shipping!

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RE: Inspiron 530 windows upgrade

You DO NOT need a BIOS update for upgrading the OS. My D900 is probably older than the 530 and has been upgraded from XP to Vista to Win 7 to Win 8 to Win 10 (currently Anniversary Edition and soon to Be Creators Edition). Never any real problems with the upgrades. Only video driver updates can be an issue. All three of my oldies (see sig) are running Win 10 with official Nvidia drivers. You might have some driver problems, but compatible drivers always seem to be findable.

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RE: Inspiron 530 windows upgrade

Here's a link en.community.dell.com/.../19287044 if you have any hardware questions.But in regards to this post - I will give you the short version of my dilemma.

I have a friend that was running Win10, on her Inspiron 530.  She keep getting that blue error screen with the smiley face.  I brought it home and starting working on it.  I try the repair using the xp restoration disk... nothing.  I mean I finally got it installed, have problems with the last pci driver.   The video driver works fine, but can't get the pci driver to install properly.  (btw, I did a fresh install with a new HD seagate s52000nm0033)

Either way, I'm convince that after I''ve updated BIOS (1.0.18) and tried the driver CD multiple times, it's best if I simply get her to purchase Win7 and call it a day.

I'm researching possible avenues to go down with this upgrade, but not so sure yet. Obviously, it depends on her budget.  If she had enough for a new pc we wouldn't go the route, but ...

That being said, I hoping that Win7 (or 8) will resolve the driver issues.  Looking for any advice before I continue.

Thanks in advance

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RE: Inspiron 530 windows upgrade

Home versions of windows 7,8,10  cost $99 to$129 and Pro versions of windows cost $199 to $249. Sometimes buying a new machine is more economical than upgrading an old machine.  Always get a TOWER not Desktop or SFF because the power supplies on the other sizes are proprietary.


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RE: Inspiron 530 windows upgrade

Windows 7 Professional upgrades can be had for $60 on eBay.

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