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Inspiron 530 won't boot up, keeps restarting

Hello, I currently have a 530 Inspiron, and when I turn it on I will see the Dell logo, but then I hear a beep and it restarts. The problem actually first started spontaneously with my 531 Inspiron, and thinking that it was the motherboard I took out the hard drive, RAM, and graphics card and put them into my 530. Also, on the 531 I didn't get the single "beep" that I get when trying to start it on the 530. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. (and the system should be running windows 7, if that helps.)
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RE: Inspiron 530 won't boot up, keeps restarting

Try the following: unplug the 530; press and hold the start button; plug in the system and try starting the system normally again.  This has worked for me more than once.

Also try removing memory cards because one may be causing this.