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Inspiron 531 BIOS update fails, then get invalid opcode if I try again

I have a Dell 531, BIOS 1.0.9

Ive bought a Athlon 3.1Ghz and need to update BIOS to 1.0.12 or 1.0.13 from reading online

I've downloaded both EXEs and ran them in Windows, but this just creates a winflash.sys file which looks like a common occurence.

I've then made a bootable USB, booted from this using F12 and started the I531_1012 / I531_1013 exe

This loads a basic process, first step says would you like to save current BIOS which I choose Y

It then loads 4 lines of characters like a progress bar, then asks me along the lines of Press Y to continue.

As soon as I do this, the PC restarts, with BIOS 1.0.9 still

I can't see the text it mentions as it restarts too quick, Im guessing its pretty much don't restart while this takes place etc

How do I stop it rebooting on its own before its even flashed? If I try booting from USB and running the exe again, it says invalid opcode FD52 plus about another 10 sets of 4 characters

I need to flash the BIOS to get the new CPU to register - there has to be a way to get this to run?

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