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Inspiron 531 - Increase Hard Drive Capacity

I have an Inspiron 531 and have been getting a message that my computer is functioning normally but the recovery (D) hard drive is at full capacity.  I've deleted all extraneous files and all but the most recent backup, but that did not help.   Can I purchase and install a larger capacity drive? If so, what  is recommended?  Is the installation a challenge?  What are my options to deal with this? 

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RE: Inspiron 531 - Increase Hard Drive Capacity

Hi Flyankee,

You should not be making backups to the recovery drive. Go to Start and click COMPUTER.  When it opens right click Recovery D then click open. A list of files should appear and if one has your name delete it. That should solve the immediate problem.

The next thing to do is purchase a drive where you can keep your backups. You can use ether an internal SATA drive or any USB external drive. The installation procedure if you get an internal drive is in your manual. It's very easy, but you will need to buy an SATA data cable. Then when you back up the system, point to that new drive location.

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