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Inspiron 531 problem

So a couple of days ago I started having problems watching youtube videos. They would begin to stutter (audio and video) and both my cpu cores would shoot up to 100%. I tried running a virus scan but the same thing happened and gave me the bsod, then promptly restarted itself. It hung once on the "Starting Windows" screen to where I had to manually shut it down. When I turn on the computer now it only starts up for about 5-10 seconds and just shuts off. It doesn't even get to the DELL screen. I opened it up and found this If it helps any, under the capacitors is PCE14, PCE11, PCE8, and PCE9. I figure I'll need to replace the board, but I just wanted to make sure if I need to replace anything else too based off of which capacitors got messed up.

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Re: Inspiron 531 problem


Just replacing the motherboard, should take care of the bad capacitor issue.

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