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Inspiron 531 usb problem


I hope someone out there can assist me

My inspiron has four usb to the front and four to the rear

I have inserted my dell wireless keyboard / mouse adapter to the rear usb however on statr up I gar a "no keyboard detected " message.

If I putthe adapter to the from usb all is well?

When up and running I can transfer to the rear usb and it works??? - however on reboot it all starts again - the keyboard not recognised in the rear usb

to further confuse all the other USB connections are fine in the rear ports it is just the keyboard on start up

PLEASE no clever use the front port suggerstions as this is not helpful

I only wish to use the front usb's occasionally as i do not want cables in the front ports except for accasional use

All ports are reported a s working fine on the system details section

I would appreciate positive advice


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RE: Inspiron 531 usb problem

Is this a recent problem? And is it with all rear USB ports or only one? Have you tried any of the other rear USB ports? It's possible some rear ports aren't recognized until after Windows loads so you'd get the keyboard error.

If it's a wireless mouse and keyboard, there are no cables so I don't understand why using a front USB port poses the "cables in front ports" problems you mentioned. All you would have is a USB dongle connected to the front since it transmits wirelessly to mouse and keyboard.


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RE: Inspiron 531 usb problem

Many thanks for the reply

Sorry I was not clear enough on the front ports

The front ports work always.

I will try all the  rear ports tomorrow to see if it one of the ports or all of them.

If any of the rear ports work this solves my problem

It has been a problem since I relocated the PC so one of the rear ports MAY work. I just assumed they would all perform the same. I cannot be sure the usb's are plugged in as they were originally

The wireless keyboard and mouse have the Dell transmitter plugged into the USB - it is wireless after this

It is clear after your note that some ports are not activated until start up is complete

Thanks and I will update the post tomorrow after I try the other rear ports

Thanks again


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RE: Inspiron 531 usb problem

It's probably a signal reach issue and on startup your computer isn't sending a strong enough signal to reach the keyboard.  I know it sounds weird, but iv'e had this experience myself.

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