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Inspiron 545s Desktop and ATI Radeon x1300 Power Supply???


As I need some serious help getting a second monitor set up on my Dell Desktop Inspiron 545s (slim design) I am running into issue after issue.  I've been sent the wrong Graphics card (the wrong size) which was sent to me by Dell Support even after telling them I have a slim design and need what's called a "Low Profile" card.  Anyways, I bought another card off of eBay.  It's an ATI Radeon x1300 found here:

I have installed this card and I can't get my 2nd monitor to work.  I created a thread for the issue here:  (as I can not get it too work still..)

And, was given some advice but still am clueless for the most part.  So, I have a two part question - would someone be able to read my thread to see if they can help me with getting this 2nd monitor up and running?   So I don't ahve to write it out all over again, the link is right above.. 

ALSO - In this thread I started, someone mentioned the Power Supplies.. And, that they have to match.  I have looked everywhere for this information and do NOT know what I"m looking for.. I was wondering if someone can tell me if the ATI Radeon x1300 low profile graphics card I bought on eBay is compatibile with this Dell Desktop??   (I have a Dell Desktop 545s Insprion Slim Design - 6gb RAM, 700gb HD, Windows 7, 64bit)  I don't want to mess anything up...

Thanks for all the help in advance and I'm sorry for the wide range of questions...



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