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Inspiron 545s power supply upgrade


Good day to everyone!

I just want to ask if anyone has an idea where I can get a 500W power supply for Inspiron 545s.

It's a slim type power supply because I plan to upgrade my machine.

Thank you very much.


Oh, BTW, considering I have a slim case and I plan to use it because its more space saving. I have some questions and would really need someone to help / give me advice.

  • Like what I mentioned above, I am planning to replace the power supply with a slim 500W, if there is one I can order.
  • If i can order a 500W power supply, would it be a good suggestion to replace the motherboard? (so i can get an i3 or i5 processor)
  • will there be motherboard to fit my slim case? and will the processor fit the slim case as well?
  • I have a Graphics card (Asus HD5450) which i use for dual monitor and I intend to keep it. I don't play much games just for development stuffs.

Thank you again for the help/advice.


Kind regards,


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