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Inspiron 546 help

I need some help. I bought a EVGA GEFORCE 9400 GT for my brand new 546 and I cant get the drivers to load. I'll be taking this card back to Fry's Electronics on monday. 

Here's my computer info:

Phenom x4 2.4ghz quad core

6 gb ram

Win Vista 64 bit

300w psu

I run three monitors. Can I use the integrated video card and a second card (with two outputs) at the same time?

If so, what is the best video card for this computer?

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Re: Inspiron 546 help

Did you first, uninstall the previously loaded drivers?

It is very important when upgrading a video card to first uninstall the previous drivers. You probably had the drivers for the onboard video card already installed.

From this point, try windows key+pause/break key to pull up the system properties window. Then hardware tab, device manager button.  Click Display Adapters and then select yours and hit uninstall...

Now lets look at a second possible problem. Did you go into the BIOS and turn off the onboard video? This should happen automatically when you install a stand alone video card but I have seen on some DELL systems that you need to do this in the BIOS. BTW, are you getting any picture at all with the monitor plugged into the stand alone video card?

Now that last part will answer one of your questions. No you cannot use the onboard video card and a stand alone one at the same time. The onboard one will turn itself off once the motherboard recognizes the stand alone card is plugged in.

After uninstalling the current card (which also uninstalls the current drivers), reboot the computer and follow the on screen prompts to get to the bios. It will be F2 or F8 usually... just keep a finger near both... Sometimes it is the del key and others F5... Just be ready... Turn off onboard video if it is in the settings.

Restart.. Now once the system comes up try reinstalling the drivers... Also, get a fresh driver from the web site of the manufacturer... That is also very important. Your problem might be that the device is shipped with 32bit drivers and you have a 64bit system.


Hope this all gives you enough food for thought to work it out.


Oh... You need either 2 video cards or one with 4 ports... 2 video cards is usually the easiest option. But make sure you have enough slots for the next one. 

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Re: Inspiron 546 help

I'm having a similar problem.

I disabled the Onboard display adapter but the system still hangs at startup unless I disconnect the new card. I see many others have had this problem...


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