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Inspiron 546 won't boot -amber blinking power button

Have Dell Inspirion (service tag 8KF9DK1) running Vista (yea, it's over 5 years old) Had the Dell off to side of my desk for 1 year, not in use, after got an HP laptop. Had 19" monitor I used for Dell and then set up with the HP  laptop for better screen/larger screen. Monitor had worked fine for years on desktop, and the last year great with the laptop. Last week I got a new Dell 23" wide screen and set that up with the laptop yesterday-works great. Today wanted to pull some old data off Dell desktop onto a 32g USB drive and the transfer to laptop. When first tried to boot Dell, got power, but 5 beeps and blinking amber front power light  when it tried to boot. Green light was on, steady, on the back of computer. Powered down, tried trick of removing all memory sticks, restarting (all fans worked at this point), turning off, and reinserting memory sticks. Then reattached all cables for peripherals. Know the monitor is fine....before I connected it to Dell, it came up.When turned it back on, amber blinking light on front of Dell (power button) but no power. Checked interior connections and realized I'd knocked power cable off hard drive. Reconnected it, and now have power but still the constant blinking  amber power button.  Checked all connections. ARRGGHHHH.... All I really need is to pull the hard drive and get the data off it onto my USB stick, Is there an adapter I can use to connect this old hard drive into my laptop, even though it's still running VISTA?  My laptop is running 8.1.

Any ideas? After spending two hours on this mess, I'm rather perplexed!

Liz Clark, Retired 2015

Civilian Army Employee

35 years service

Last 10 years working with mainly Dell and some HP desktops/peripherals with mostly low to medium level computer knowledge users. but a few high level users.

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