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Inspiron 5675 GPU upgrade

I have a Inspiron 5675 that came with a GTX1060 6gb card. I am looking to upgrade the card to a gtx1070/80 or GTX1080ti. What I want to know is will just any card fit into the Inspiron motherboard ( can just grab a random one off Amazon ) or do I have to buy a specific one off the Dell website itself. Is there some special design with the motherboard and graphics card?

Inside the PC there is lots of room and if I just upgrade to the 1070/1080 the current power supply will work but if I go with the gtx1080ti I will need a bigger power supply.

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RE: Inspiron 5675 GPU upgrade

It should work, you might have to take the GPU cage out depending on where the power plugs are. I want to upgrade to a Vega 64, but my psu is the dinky 460w. As i'm broke, that's a ways away.

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