Inspiron 5675 - Ryzen CPU issue

I recently purchased an Inspiron 5675 from the Dell Outlet that was originally built 2017-07-13.  The system passes all Dell diagnostics but the Ryzen CPU does have the "Performance Marginality Problem" or segmentation fault issue listed in the article below.


I have reproduced the issue under Linux and Windows using several different test scripts.  You can get a pre-compiled test program for Windows here:


I would like some input on the best way to get Dell to replace the CPU (AMD won't replace it per the link below).  Also I would like to know if anyone can run the test above for around 4 hours without NG failures as it will help my case.


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RE: Inspiron 5675 - Ryzen CPU issue

Dell would only replace a CPU if it failed our diagnostics. If it failed our diagnostics, you would only get the same OEM Ryzen CPU. We would not replace it with a different untested CPU or upgrade you from Ryzen 3 or 5 to 7.

We cannot speak to any issues with Linux. Especially intentional running script based torture testing. Dell only sells the Inspiron 5675 with Windows 10. Show us the issue within normal Windows 10 usage.

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