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Inspiron 570 no sound

Sudden loss of sound.  I have checked all drivers and current downloads...even unintalled Realtek and reinstalled from their website. The strange things is all diagnostic show drivers are working. Even the speaker boxes show sound moving in them.  I have tried front headset port and back and different headphones and ear buds.  Nothing.  I can hear the static when I plug them in.  Is it possible there is a sound card in here that I can just replace?  Anyone experience anything similar to this? Not sure what to do.  I need my sound for work I do.

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RE: Inspiron 570 no sound

Buy a $10-$15 set of speakers if you don't have speakers. Sounds like the sound is working but not the headphones.  Open the  speaker icon on the bottom right by right clicking on it. Change the Playback settings as needed or run the troubleshooter. Reinstall the original drivers from Dell.

The computer is considered obsolete now so don't waste a lot of time and money on it.

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