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Inspiron 660 and Audio problems with Windows 10

I upgraded to Windows 10 on my Inspiron 660 desktop and now I do not have any audio.  Microsoft suggests going to Speaker Properties and trying other default format sample and bit depth rates.  I've tried them all and the error message is the same....Error!  Failed to play test tone.

The playback device is Conextant SmartAudio HD Default Device.  I actually have speakers.  Even when I detach them it won't play through headphones.  I have no other audio option listed.  I believe I have updated all my drivers and such.


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Mary G
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RE: Inspiron 660 and Audio problems with Windows 10

Make sure to shutdown the computer--not just restart--and reboot. Sometimes the sound works after that. Run windows update in Settings and keep going back to get all the updates. My sound came back after updates and a couple of shutdowns.

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