Inspiron 7459 BIOS 1.5.0 vs 1.6.0

My Inspiron 7459 is running with BIOS version 1.6.0. Yes, I know, the "Drivers & downloads" section of the support page shows the latest BIOS as version 1.5.0. Nevertheless, mine has 1.6 installed. I installed v1.6 myself and I guess Dell subsequently removed v1.6 and replaced it with the older v1.5.

I'm wondering whether I should revert back to 1.5.0?

The machine exhibits some strange behavior (I use the HDMI in to support a second computer and sometimes the 7459 won't wake up forcing me to unplug the power and start anew, yesterday I had to move the mouse on Dell machine to get the second machine to awaken etc) I wonder whether this 'unsupported' BIOS has anything to do with it.

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RE: Inspiron 7459 BIOS 1.5.0 vs 1.6.0

Major Bystander,

There seem to be lots of discussion on the internet in reference to this topic in Windows 10. Make sure you have the latest drivers installed.

Basically, the Display Driver is primarily responsible to cause this to happen. In Windows Power Management you can tell Windows not to turn off the USB and PCI. 

Fix: Windows 10 won’t wake up from sleep after the Anniversary Update

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