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Inspiron Desktop Gamer PC

Hello All,

Looking for user input of the New Dell Offering Inspiron Gaming Desktop. It can be purchased with the Ryzen 1700X cpu, The RX 580 8GB GFX card, but it only has a 460 Watt PSU.

What are users opinions on this....If you own one of these new PC's have you had any issues with performance, due to possible issues with the PSU, GFX card. In say, Movie editing, Adobe Photoshop, music editing, and gaming say, Witcher 3 and equivalent on very good/ optimal settings.

Thank you for any input users maybe be able to give me on this.

Sincerely, Skeptic1

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RE: Inspiron Desktop Gamer PC

That system will handle just about anything you throw at it - I'm typing this on an R5 6-core with an RX580 and it'll handle anything -- with the two extra cores, it'd be even better.  The downside of all pre-built "brand name" systems is that they're not very upgradeable -- you will face proprietary power supply connectors, case limitations, etc. down the road  -- but if you're not worried about that, the Dell system will do just fine.

If you are, a home-build (or a build by one of the smaller boutique builders that use standard parts) might be a better idea.  You will likely have to stretch the budget a couple of hundred dollars, but you can then choose your power supply (mine is 750W) and be set for future upgrades.

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RE: Inspiron Desktop Gamer PC

Hello ejn63,

Thank You for your input, fully understand the idea of pre-built limits but as it stands I choose a pre-built as this seems the only way I am going to get the GFX I want. All the vendors I would deal with either have no stock or the card would be on back order.

I thought about an Alienware system but there is no offers of Ryzen CPU with the builds so when I seen this Inspiron I have to say I was rather impressed by it. If I would have any other concern with this built it would be the memory, it's great but it has been my understanding that the HyperX 3200 would be the best to use with this Ryzen CPU, I'll have to ask support if the MOTB will except it.

I am still skeptical about the purchase because of past experiences. My first Dell computer was the Demension 8400, that was a great computer for me at the time, then came time for the upgrade so I decided without an issue to by another Dell, the XPS 8500 with the upgraded card HD 7870. This computer was a completely different experience, and Dell support fell of the Earth completely with tis system. To this very day I still feel I bought someone eles's turned in computer, and Dell just freshened it up and sold it to me for '; New ".

The problems I had with this " New " computer was of the chart really and I felt Dell just didn't even want to deal with my concerns. Their logic.....fix/repair/replace...fix/repair/replace.

So because of this I am a little apprehensive to say the least.

If anyone else user or tech can supply me with some more feed back on this computer, that would be great.

Sincerely, Skeptik1

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RE: Inspiron Desktop Gamer PC

i just looked at this computers service mannual and i dont see any proprietary connectors ... all standard stuff on the motherboard except extra conectors for the system LEDs.  power supply looks pretty standard ... not 100% sure.  

topics-cdn.dell.com/.../inspiron-5675-gaming-desktop_owner's manual_en-us.pdf

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RE: Inspiron Desktop Gamer PC

Hello!  So a few things first.  OEM's have the ability to request card manufactures to tweak their cards to fit a specific profile, be that performance or power consumption etc.  From what I've glanced at the RX 580 recommends a 500W PSU.  That is a nice guess that manufactures put in assuming you have a heavy loaded system.  Most CPU's in the 1700X class are over 100 to 120W in power usage at maximum load so they like a nice buffer.  The 1700X itself is 95W so you have power savings there alone.  Mix that with a tweaked RX 580 card and you are well within the 460W PSU buffer zone.  Does this mean you will get everything the RX 580 has to offer?  Probably not, but then again if you look at any Nvidia or AMD card company they offer multiple lines of the same chip with different tweaks here and there.  

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RE: Inspiron Desktop Gamer PC

Looks Fairly standard.





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RE: Inspiron Desktop Gamer PC


Is Dell finally putting the power supply on the floor of the system? That alone looks like an amazing step forward.

edit: I really like the case design for a Dell. PSU bottom mounted, and I suspect cooling fan for the PSU draws from the base. Front intake fan blowing right across the graphics card and they moved the HDDs to the floor ( where it is cooler). Nothing blocking the top of the CPU. 

Maybe the XPS line will see an update soon.

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