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Inspiron One 2320 SATA Cable


I bought an Inspiron 2320 from sams club about 5 years ago for home use. It is now very slow and often hangs up. The only thing I can do to get it unfroze is to power off the computer by holding the power button button in until it resets. If I leave the computer off, it seems to take at about ten minutes to completely power up before I can open a program or use the web browser. If I leave the computer on, so I dont have the start up wait, it will often get stuck where all I will see is the desktop and I hear the hard drive spinning, but nothing else happens. Then I need to hold the power button in to restart it.

So I decided to add a 256gb ssd to my computer. I was hoping to download the iso file of the operating system as shipped from dell but they say they no longer offer it for my computer. So I will do a fresh install of windows 7 on a reformatted ssd. The old hard drive will still be in the computer, but the OS on it will not be used. It will be for data and pics only.

I have read on the internet that there have been problems with the sata cable on the inspirons. If I am going to change it, now would be the time. Could you please tell me what exactly I need to purchase? I dont really know the names to ask for. If you had a link through amazon or ebay, that would really be helpful.

Next question I have is about the touchscreen on my computer. Will that still work when I do the fresh OS install? Is there some type of program I have to get?

Thanks for any help / advice

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RE: Inspiron One 2320 SATA Cable

Hi komobu,

Thanks for posting.

First, did you try to reload your operating system prior to purchasing the new ssd?  Sometimes that's all it takes is to back up your data, wipe and reinstall the os.  

Here's a video on how to install the ssd and keep the hard drive too:  http://dell.to/2qnulgT

If you still need a sata cable, you can get one from Dell Spare Parts  http://dell.to/2qns2dN or from parts-people.com:  http://dell.to/2qnxBsn

Dell-Robert P
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