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Inspiron One 2330 Display Issue

Our Inspiron 2330 all-in-one display is acting very strange.  When it is turned on there are horizontal lines-that work their way down the display in pinks and blues.  When the lines are there the cursor cannot be moved into that area and the area displayed is distorted.  It will take up about 3/4 of the screen and work its way down the screen until the screen then is finally all able to be accessed.  This happens for about 15 minutes and then--almost like when it is all warmed up or something--the display is then fine until the next time I turn the computer off.  If I turn it off for only a few minutes and back on again it is fine, but if it is off overnight or for several hours the problem is back again and I will need to wait approximately 10-15 minutes for the display to be fully functional again.  It's almost like when it is warmed up all is fine.

I did all of the Dell updates available.  Windows (8.1) is also up to date. 

Any ideas what is going on here and how I can fix it?

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RE: Inspiron One 2330 Display Issue

The gpu fan has failed and its overheating.

Some hack the case and add fan.


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RE: Inspiron One 2330 Display Issue

I found this thread while looking for solutions on this exact situation.  Your "solution" makes no sense.  The problem clearly happens when the computer is COLD and goes away when it warms up!  

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