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Inspiron One 2330 won't turn on

So I've been having trouble with my Inspiron 2330 suddenly becoming very slow. I tried to do a system refresh and factory restore but that didn't seem to solve the problem. Anyway, it was still working just very slow. I go to take a shower and when I come back the screen is completely black and the computer won't respond. I tried restarting and it now it won't boot at all. It goes to the black screen and tries to start up but just can't. Then it will keep trying to turn on to no avail. I tried draining the power supply by unplugging the computer and holding the power button for 20 seconds but that didn't do anything. And now I am kind of stuck and needing assistance. Thanks
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RE: Inspiron One 2330 won't turn on

There are no fixes for physically bad hard drives.

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