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Re: Inspiron One never wakes from sleep

Update: I looked under "Performance and Information Tools" in the Control Panel and found the issue "Device may be causing Windows to wake up slowly." When I clicked it, the driver listed was "AMD multi-vendor Miniport Driver" called atikmpag.sys. Can I remove this file?

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Re: Inspiron One never wakes from sleep

You have done alt of software trouble Shooting/

try booting to SAFT mode/turn computer Press F12 selted boot

select SAFE MODE when computer boots to safe mode GO to MY Computer control clict or right clict/Select-Propertes

when opens check tabes.To find DEVICE MANGER<

hight keey board ann mouse seapery then Right clic open -Propertes see if More than one driver installed for eather device,

(thes is a problem if more than one for eather,

before deleating any driver's then reboot to normal WINDOWS<

If HAVE OLD USB Keyboard,try,Same with mouse, Did have Problem bad Keyboard,

    good luck   4ROB

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