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Install ECC ram to Optiplex 3040

Hi, I tried to replaced the original 4GB non-ECC ram with 2x8GB ECC MT18KSF1G72AZ-1G6 ram but system tilt with beep sound. I tried to mix 4GB non-ECC with 8GB ECC ram and system prompted it doesnt support mixed ECC and non ECC ram. I upgraded the BIOS to latest 1.46 but it doesnt help. May I know how to install these 2x8GB ECC MT18KSF1G72AZ-1G6 ram to Optiplex 3040. Thank you

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RE: Install ECC ram to Optiplex 3040

What form factor, eg mini-tower, small, ultra-small?

ECC RAM is most likely NOT compatible with this motherboard, and you can only use NON-ECC RAM.


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RE: Install ECC ram to Optiplex 3040

ECC RAM is not supported by this system - you cannot use that memory.

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