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Installing win8 pro on Vostro 470 from msdn DVD

Hello, we have recently bought a Dell Vostro 470 and try to reinstall using msdn win8 pro dvd and we can not make the dvd boot on uefi mode, so my question is:

How can I know if the dvd is uefi compatible?

Is there a method to make a clean install using win8 dvd and uefi mode?

Is there any place on my vostro where I can find the win8 pro product key and if so can I use that key to download an uefi compatible iso image from microsoft?

Thanks in advance.

Juan Carlos

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Re: Installing win8 pro on Vostro 470 from msdn DVD

Windows 8 ISO's have this issue.  It may have been fixed in windows 8.1

This issue can occur because UEFI does not recognize the DVD as bootable media.


Microsoft has fixed this issue since this Knowledge Base article was first published.

For Windows 8 systems,with class 2.31 system BIOS incorporate a feature called compatibility boot. These systems have the capability to detect newly inserted hardware, such as a graphics adapter, and will allow the user to disable secure boot when asked during the boot process.

For more information on Secure Boot, select one of the following links below:

Secure Boot Overview

Secure boot feature signing requirements for kernel-mode drivers (Windows)

Protecting the pre-OS environment with UEFI

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